Our team

Today KBSC operates from five venues, The Clubhouse, The Spinnaker, Kracker’s Bar & Grill, Bilge Bar & Club Emu Park.  Keppel Bay Sailing Club is a not for profit organisation that employs over 120 staff from the local area. Meet our wonderful team below!

Board of directors

Dan Curtis – Commodore

Michael Hewson – Vice Commodore

Sandra Byrt – Director

Karryn Johnson – Director

Lindsay Lodwick – Director

Jenna Madden – Director

Carl Brown – Director

John Fitzsimmons – Appointed Director

Sailing committee

Michael Hewson – Vice Commodore

Francois Gallias – Committee

John Acworth – Committee

Blake Newton – Committee

Derek Scantlebury – Committee

Management team 

Mal Cochrane – General Manager

Leonie Dooley – Finance Manager

Mick Rodgers – Facilities Manager

Nathan Marshall – Operations Manager

Cathee Zieball – Compliance & Training Officer

Samantha Smith  – Food & Beverage Manager

Gemma Weinert – Marketing & Promotions Manager

Conrad Byrt – Head Sailing Coach

Krackers bar & grill team 

Dianne Cossens – Shift Supervisor

Holly Mogey – Shift Supervisor

Nathan Wootten – Shift Supervisor

Tony Burton – Shift Supervisor

Clubhouse team 

Samantha Smith –  Food & Beverage Manager

Katie Young – Supervisor 

Katelyn Hardman – Supervisor 

Annette Herrington – Supervisor 

Spinnaker team 

Samantha Smith –  Food & Beverage Manager

Jan Maher – Duty Manager 

Cheryl Rout – Gaming Manager

Joanne Buck – Supervisor 

Katelyn Hardman – Supervisor 

Club Emu Park team 

Damien Willett – Shift Supervisor

Sailing team 

Conrad Byrt – Head Sailing Coach

Blake Newton – Sailing Coach

Camille Gallais – Sailing Instructor / Administration